• Field Trip: Pecan Hill Water Solutions

    In order for our GEAR interns to get a better picture of what Select Energy Services does, we went straight to the source & took a field trip the the Pecan Hill Water Solutions facility in Lindsay, Oklahoma.


    Pecan Hill is one of Select’s most innovative projects.  It is located in the heart of activity for our MidCon region known as The Scoop. In this region, water for oil and gas operations is scarce, so we came up with an efficient solution. We pull water from a nearby river & move it through a 13-mile pipeline.  As soon as the water comes out of the river, it is moved through a serious of settling tanks to remove dirt and debris.  From there it moves onward to multiple draw sites close to operator activity. From each draw site, Select uses a no-leak layflat hose to bring water directly to our customers. At the end of the pipeline there is a fresh water loading bay so that large tank trucks can come in and fill up for work.

    Great day on the job!


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