• Interview with Raquel

    Alondra: What have you done during the program so far? Raquel: I have filed, worked with DOT and invoices and helped with blue line reports.  A: Would you re-apply? R: I would re-apply to the program because; it provides a lot of benefits. It allows us to get professional work experience as we juggle school, extracurricular activities, etc. A: Have you enjoyed the program so far? R: I have enjoyed the program; I really liked the people who I got to work with. They always had something humorous to contribute to the team. A: What are a few of the projects that you have done while being in your department? R: At the beginning of the program I helped set up a birthday list for my department,  and helped Kitie organize some trinkets. Also helped Lucy with blue Line Reports, finally I helped Lisa with a lot of DOT stuff. A: Would you recommend Operations Management to future interns? R: I would definitely recommend it. I would recommend it to those who like their own space and who prefer to not deal with people all the time It is very diverse; you learn about a lot of areas in the company, and about different duties in your department.
  • Interview with Sierra and Lori

    IMG_9105 It has been a great first week for the GEAR program here at Select Energy Services. Let’s take a look at what the IT department has to say about their first week. Starting with Sierra Davis, the intern in the I.T. Department. Alondra: Do you like it so far? Sierra: I enjoy it, I like the environment. A: What is your mentor like? S: She teaches me about the system that we use, and she lets me be hands on as well. She is open to answering question, it is a more laid back environment. A: What is something you have learned? S: Some of the system that I have learned to use is Quick Tag and the Verizon network. “We all use wifi where does it come from.” I learned how to filter out the quick tag lost and found file, how to sorta all the wireless user in the verizon database. With the verizon network I was setting up a certain standard format for all of them to go into, because they are put into the database different and we want them to be the same, makes it easier for us to find. A: What do you hope to gain from this internship? S: I hope to gain more knowledge about how the business world conducts, and get a feeling on how the business world works, and also see how the IT department does things. A: What is your favorite part so far? S: Having my own cubicle, and also having my phone with my name on it. Haven’t got to use it but I want to before this internship is over.

    Next we have Lori Hausler, the I.T. mentor.

    Alondra: What was your motivation to being a mentor? Lori: To help introduce a high school student to the work environment. A: What do you do in the IT department? L: Responsible for cell phone management, from ordering to billing. A: What have you learned from your intern so far? L: So surprised how much college prep is going into high school students. A: How long have you worked for the company? L: I have been with Select Energy Services for 2 years. A: If you had the choice of not being a mentor, would you take it? If so, why. If not, why not? L: No I am happy to be a mentor because, I can provide direction to a student’s future and at the same time I can learn from them.  
  • intern1

    Interview with Adriana

    Q: What are some of the tasks you have completed during your first week of accounting? A: I have scanned, separated and put kwiktags on invoices and PMIS. When that was completed I [sent] them to different regions to be checked. Q: Do you enjoy accounting? A: I really do enjoy accounting. Everyone in this area is accepting and knows how to make me feel welcomed. Plus an extra perk is that I am really good at mathematics and I know how to work well with numbers. Q: Would you recommend accounting to future applicants? A: I would recommend accounting to future applicants of the GEAR program. Especially those that are interested in majoring in accounting. Q: Tell us about what your mentor does. A: I have not spent a lot of time with my mentor but we did get the chance to see what she does for the company. Q: What is your favorite part about your internship so far? A: My favorite part about this internship is that I have had the experience to do what the accountants take part in on a day to day basis and do it on my own. Q: What is your least favorite part about your internship so far? A: So far, my least favorite part of the internship was being in an all day long orientation.   Q: What do you hope to gain out of this internship opportunity? A: I hope to gain more knowledge from my department as well as from the other mentor departments.
  • intern5

    Interview with Maritza

    Q: What are some of the tasks you have completed in the marketing department. A: This week I’m working on putting the branding guidelines and wallet memo proofs into a powerpoint. I’m also helping Logan Hannesson from corporate sales order some photos from Nations Photo Lab. I completed the student perspective part for the GEAR website. I also get to listen in on some calls every Wednesday which is very fun and interesting with Brooke and Morgan. Q: Are you enjoying marketing? A: Definitely. Brooke always has a new project ready for me first thing in the morning. But they’re not boring projects. They’re fun and they help me experience how the marketing department works for the oil and gas industry. Q: Tell us about your mentor Brooke Barnes. A: Brooke is awesome. She’s helped me feel very welcomed and comfortable here at Select Energy Services. Wouldn’t want to have another mentor other than THE Brooke Barnes. Q: Tell us about the senior intern Morgan Moore. A: It’s so fun working with her. She gets me going in the morning. Since my mentor is busy and always on the go, Morgan is who I spend most of my day with and I don’t mind it at all. We have lots of laughs and fun for sure while getting our work done of course. Q: Any thoughts about moving forward with marketing in the future? A: Has definitely been thought about. I’m not too sure on what I want to major/ minor in college but it’s been set at the top of my options. Q: Would you re-apply and intern next semester? A: Without a doubt. It has been a great experience so far and I would love to come back.
  • intern4

    Interview with Braycon

    Q: What are some of the tasks you completed in IT while Chad was here? A: I repaired laptop screens, reimaged computers, and I also helped people move equipment from one cubicle to another. Q: Describe to us how you felt when your mentor, Chad Spatz said he was leaving Select Energy Services? A: The first thing I thought to myself was, “Wait. what!?”. I wasn’t expecting it at all and I was skeptical about what I was going to be doing after he left. Q: What do they have you “getting your hands” on in IT now? A: I’m running a program and I’ve been performing phone audits. Q: Are you enjoying IT? A: Yes. Q: From an intern’s perspective, tell us about the IT department. A: It’s welcoming. Once you get to know the people in the IT department it’s fun. Q: Would you re-apply next semester? A: Yes. Q: How has this opportunity helped you so far? A: It has helped me gain knowledge about the the oil and gas industry.
  • intern6

    Interview with Cassidy

    Q: What does a Human Resources Specialist do on a daily basis. A: We add people, change benefits, and get information on missing information. Q: What are some of the tasks your mentor has you completing? A: This week I’m missing social security numbers and address information. Q: Are you enjoying human resources? A: Yes. I love it. It has definitely been interesting seeing all the different things HR takes part in for the oil and gas industry. Q: Tell us more about the human resources department. A: It’s very hectic but everybody is always on there toes ready to get the job done. Q: Would you re-apply and intern next semester? A: Yes because I already “know the ropes”. Q: Have you had any thoughts about moving forward with human resources in the future?   A: Yes. Its given me something to think about doing in the future. Q: Tell us about your mentor and how she’s helped you develop knowledge over human resources. A: She’s very helpful. She has shown me how everything works and how it ties together.
  • intern3

    Interview with Nathaniel

    Q: What are some of the tasks you completed during week 3 of operations management? A: This week Jake and I have been interpreting and handling data for the blue line and afe’s. We have also gained knowledge from the procurement and fleet departments. Q: Are you enjoying operations management? A: Yes. I enjoy it because instead of watching others get the job done, I’m actually “getting my fingerprints all on it” like John Schmitz would say. Q: If there was an opportunity for you to re-apply and intern next summer, would you? Why or why not. A: Yes I definitely would. I’d like to learn about the other different departments. I also would like to gain more knowledge about the gas and oil industry to see if I might be interested in this career path. Q: What do you think about the company, Select Energy Services? A: It is a very good and complex company. There are a lot of people who are very hard working and contribute to the company’s success. Q: Tell us about what you have enjoyed doing as an intern at Select Energy Services. A: Everything. I enjoy going out to the field mostly. In the office I don’t get as much done hands on as I do in the field. But at the office, they treat us very well with food and candy. Q: Tell us about what you haven’t enjoyed doing as an intern at Select Energy Services. A: The orientation would be my least favorite.