• intern6

    Interview with Cassidy

    Q: What does a Human Resources Specialist do on a daily basis. A: We add people, change benefits, and get information on missing information. Q: What are some of the tasks your mentor has you completing? A: This week I’m missing social security numbers and address information. Q: Are you enjoying human resources? A: Yes. I love it. It has definitely been interesting seeing all the different things HR takes part in for the oil and gas industry. Q: Tell us more about the human resources department. A: It’s very hectic but everybody is always on there toes ready to get the job done. Q: Would you re-apply and intern next semester? A: Yes because I already “know the ropes”. Q: Have you had any thoughts about moving forward with human resources in the future?   A: Yes. Its given me something to think about doing in the future. Q: Tell us about your mentor and how she’s helped you develop knowledge over human resources. A: She’s very helpful. She has shown me how everything works and how it ties together.

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