• Interview with Raquel

    Alondra: What have you done during the program so far? Raquel: I have filed, worked with DOT and invoices and helped with blue line reports.  A: Would you re-apply? R: I would re-apply to the program because; it provides a lot of benefits. It allows us to get professional work experience as we juggle school, extracurricular activities, etc. A: Have you enjoyed the program so far? R: I have enjoyed the program; I really liked the people who I got to work with. They always had something humorous to contribute to the team. A: What are a few of the projects that you have done while being in your department? R: At the beginning of the program I helped set up a birthday list for my department,  and helped Kitie organize some trinkets. Also helped Lucy with blue Line Reports, finally I helped Lisa with a lot of DOT stuff. A: Would you recommend Operations Management to future interns? R: I would definitely recommend it. I would recommend it to those who like their own space and who prefer to not deal with people all the time It is very diverse; you learn about a lot of areas in the company, and about different duties in your department.

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