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    Interview with Adriana

    Q: What are some of the tasks you have completed during your first week of accounting?
    A: I have scanned, separated and put kwiktags on invoices and PMIS. When that was completed I [sent] them to different regions to be checked.

    Q: Do you enjoy accounting?
    A: I really do enjoy accounting. Everyone in this area is accepting and knows how to make me feel welcomed. Plus an extra perk is that I am really good at mathematics and I know how to work well with numbers.

    Q: Would you recommend accounting to future applicants?
    A: I would recommend accounting to future applicants of the GEAR program. Especially those that are interested in majoring in accounting.

    Q: Tell us about what your mentor does.
    A: I have not spent a lot of time with my mentor but we did get the chance to see what she does for the company.

    Q: What is your favorite part about your internship so far?
    A: My favorite part about this internship is that I have had the experience to do what the accountants take part in on a day to day basis and do it on my own.

    Q: What is your least favorite part about your internship so far?
    A: So far, my least favorite part of the internship was being in an all day long orientation.
    Q: What do you hope to gain out of this internship opportunity?
    A: I hope to gain more knowledge from my department as well as from the other mentor departments.

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