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    Interview with Maritza

    Q: What are some of the tasks you have completed in the marketing department. A: This week I’m working on putting the branding guidelines and wallet memo proofs into a powerpoint. I’m also helping Logan Hannesson from corporate sales order some photos from Nations Photo Lab. I completed the student perspective part for the GEAR website. I also get to listen in on some calls every Wednesday which is very fun and interesting with Brooke and Morgan. Q: Are you enjoying marketing? A: Definitely. Brooke always has a new project ready for me first thing in the morning. But they’re not boring projects. They’re fun and they help me experience how the marketing department works for the oil and gas industry. Q: Tell us about your mentor Brooke Barnes. A: Brooke is awesome. She’s helped me feel very welcomed and comfortable here at Select Energy Services. Wouldn’t want to have another mentor other than THE Brooke Barnes. Q: Tell us about the senior intern Morgan Moore. A: It’s so fun working with her. She gets me going in the morning. Since my mentor is busy and always on the go, Morgan is who I spend most of my day with and I don’t mind it at all. We have lots of laughs and fun for sure while getting our work done of course. Q: Any thoughts about moving forward with marketing in the future? A: Has definitely been thought about. I’m not too sure on what I want to major/ minor in college but it’s been set at the top of my options. Q: Would you re-apply and intern next semester? A: Without a doubt. It has been a great experience so far and I would love to come back.

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