• intern3

    Interview with Nathaniel

    Q: What are some of the tasks you completed during week 3 of operations management? A: This week Jake and I have been interpreting and handling data for the blue line and afe’s. We have also gained knowledge from the procurement and fleet departments. Q: Are you enjoying operations management? A: Yes. I enjoy it because instead of watching others get the job done, I’m actually “getting my fingerprints all on it” like John Schmitz would say. Q: If there was an opportunity for you to re-apply and intern next summer, would you? Why or why not. A: Yes I definitely would. I’d like to learn about the other different departments. I also would like to gain more knowledge about the gas and oil industry to see if I might be interested in this career path. Q: What do you think about the company, Select Energy Services? A: It is a very good and complex company. There are a lot of people who are very hard working and contribute to the company’s success. Q: Tell us about what you have enjoyed doing as an intern at Select Energy Services. A: Everything. I enjoy going out to the field mostly. In the office I don’t get as much done hands on as I do in the field. But at the office, they treat us very well with food and candy. Q: Tell us about what you haven’t enjoyed doing as an intern at Select Energy Services. A: The orientation would be my least favorite.

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