• Interview with Sierra and Lori

    IMG_9105 It has been a great first week for the GEAR program here at Select Energy Services. Let’s take a look at what the IT department has to say about their first week. Starting with Sierra Davis, the intern in the I.T. Department. Alondra: Do you like it so far? Sierra: I enjoy it, I like the environment. A: What is your mentor like? S: She teaches me about the system that we use, and she lets me be hands on as well. She is open to answering question, it is a more laid back environment. A: What is something you have learned? S: Some of the system that I have learned to use is Quick Tag and the Verizon network. “We all use wifi where does it come from.” I learned how to filter out the quick tag lost and found file, how to sorta all the wireless user in the verizon database. With the verizon network I was setting up a certain standard format for all of them to go into, because they are put into the database different and we want them to be the same, makes it easier for us to find. A: What do you hope to gain from this internship? S: I hope to gain more knowledge about how the business world conducts, and get a feeling on how the business world works, and also see how the IT department does things. A: What is your favorite part so far? S: Having my own cubicle, and also having my phone with my name on it. Haven’t got to use it but I want to before this internship is over.

    Next we have Lori Hausler, the I.T. mentor.

    Alondra: What was your motivation to being a mentor? Lori: To help introduce a high school student to the work environment. A: What do you do in the IT department? L: Responsible for cell phone management, from ordering to billing. A: What have you learned from your intern so far? L: So surprised how much college prep is going into high school students. A: How long have you worked for the company? L: I have been with Select Energy Services for 2 years. A: If you had the choice of not being a mentor, would you take it? If so, why. If not, why not? L: No I am happy to be a mentor because, I can provide direction to a student’s future and at the same time I can learn from them.  

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