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    Interview with Jake

    Q: What are some of the tasks you completed during your first week of operations management?
    A: Our mentor Dabney, took Nathaniel and I on a trip to visit a well testing yard in Decatur, where they showed us the entire well testing process. I have also observed the DOT tag renewal and tax process.

    Q: Are you enjoying operations management?
    A: Yes. I absolutely enjoy working in the operations management department. In my opinion, it seems to connect with all of the other departments which is extremely important in this workforce.

    Q: Tell us about your mentor Dabney Swaidner.
    A: Dabney is a strong leader. Her goal is to provide valuable information to Nathaniel and I regarding what she’s learned through operations management. For example she is having me read Dale Carnegie’s, “How to win friends and influence people”. Everyday after I read the specific chapter she assigns, she discusses its meaning. Dabney is a lot of fun to talk to and is an overall very outgoing mentor.

    Q: Have you had any thoughts about moving forward with operations management in the future?
    A: I’m not too sure on what I want to do as a career but I do know that the business aspects of operations management will apply to almost any field I’m interested in the future.

    Q: Would you someday like to be like John Schmitz? Or Mitchell?
    A: I would like to be a combination of both. John and Mitchell are both excellent leaders and equally friendly. However I could probably talk just as much as Mitchell in one day.

    Q: Would you recommend operations management to future GEAR applicants?
    A: Definitely. I would recommend it to the applicants who want to discover every aspect of the company. Especially those who like to run around in jeans and boots.

    Q: Tell us about word of the day, and how you came up with the idea.
    A: Word of the day began when Cassidy and I introduced Mitchell to the word, “money grind”. He seemed to like the sound of it and wanted to know more about the teenage lingo being used today.

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