GEAR Internships

Get the chance to work with a company in your community! What does the company do? How do they pull it off? Positions vary, but you could work in fields from IT to human resources or accounting to marketing. Each department is different. You’ll have a mentor that you work with daily to learn the ropes. Don’t worry, we’re about more than getting coffee and filling papers; your job with each company is meaningful and we guarantee you’ll play a big role!

Get Paid

Need some extra money? We’ve got you covered. You’ll earn a cool $8 per hour while you work with us. You’ll also automatically earn $7 per hour towards a scholarship just for you.

Earn Cash for College

It’s more than a resume booster. Our high quality business training will prepare you for college and help you identify future career goals. If you’re successful in the program, we’ll provide you with a bonus scholarship to pursue higher education. Who would let this opportunity slip through their fingers? Rules apply.

When Can I Start??

We offer programs in the fall, spring, and summer! We work with your schedule to ensure you meet the hour requirements and don’t miss important classes on campus.

*If you are applying for the Fall or Spring Semester, you must have early release from school.

The application process is fairly simple. There are a few things we’ll need from you, such as your name, student ID #, your resume, and a short essay. Just click the button above to get started!